Hello! I'm Kristin Reinbach.

On this blog I share my insights, thoughts, doubts, experiments with life and entrepreneurship. Welcome to my world!

The Digital Brand Agency

OVERW8 at the moment is where I invest most of my skills, time and energy. Since 2017 I am the proud owner and CEO of the digital brand agency OVERW8. Lucky me, as because of that I get the chance to work with highly talented, creative and inspiring people every day – the entrepreneurs and their teams we support in turning their ideas into reality as well as our own core and leverage team. 

There are those magic days when the work does not even feel like it. And, yes, for balance, there are also those days on which I am wondering how I got myself into this in the first place. 


All in all:
A normal entrepreneur's life.

Us Humans: Interesting animals.
Life: An adventure.

kristin reinbach

Bookish, European, Lifelong Learner

Before I started OVERW8 I have learned, worked, studied a lot. In my early thirities I revamped my kinda’ nice looking but foul-tasting well-paid marketing consultant life to turn it into a healthier feeling version of it. My ambition was that I’d like to be able to recognize myself still when I grow older. 

A humble and yet challenging wish. 

I was born intrinsically bookish – the internet and all things digital just serve that hunger for info, input, variety even more. I love that I can learn about India’s kitchen in a Rick Stein series whenever I want to. 

I am happily married to the man of my dreams, Tobias (we always got some interesting conversations and adventures going on) and we chose to live at the Bavarian Lakes – close to the mountains and inbetween huge old trees.

Being at home here, I still need the urban side of life and get to combine that through my work quite nicely. I love travelling (during my studies I spent time all over Europe including as an au-pair at the French Atlantic coast as well as in Cairo), getting to know other cultures, their food and simply learning about the way people see things differently.

You might have guessed it: I am 100% European at heart, maybe even a bit global minded 😉 including both the lifestyle and the respect of the individual and its (creative) potential.

Please feel invited for some interesting conversations – I am looking forward to get to know you better. Should you have any topic you want me to write about, feel free to let me know – I might actually do that!.