Hi there, I am Kristin.

On this blog I share my insights, thoughts, doubts, experiments with life and entrepreneurship.
Welcome to my world!

Librocubicularist (n):

(plural librocubicularists)[rare]. A person who reads in bed.
Entschlossenheit - hilft sie beim Golf? Ein Test von Kristin Reinbach

Ent-schlossen-heit – a mantra test

Another test on the driving range – this time with “Entschlossenheit/determination” as the mantra.

What do you prefer: Getting smarter or being right?

Being a poor learner is a risk. Not learning means not being able to adapt well to new conditions (“survival…

Why living and working somewhere beautiful is not as easy as you might think – and why you should do it anyway

This morning I woke up to the bluest sky you could ever imagine, neatly decorated with some golden tree tops…

Been there. Done that. What's next?

How to turn your nicely average life into something that feels like yours – and like life.

How to dare living your creativity and make some useful or at least some fun contribution.

How to dare heading out there time and again building companies and things even if the world is throwing stones at you – or: how to live as an entrepreneur without going crazy.

P.S.: What about that blog name?

“That is SOOO Kristin!”

(add some twisted eyes and raised eyebrows here). 

That was what ‘people’ said whenever they thought what I was doing or saying would be super weird. The clothes I designed and sewed as a teenager. The ‘old people’s activities’ I dove in in my twenties and thirties such as learnign about good wine, more languages, reading even more books. Become an entrepreneur. Writing a book about innovation. 

“What is she up to now again?”

Too often, too long I have listened to that. 
Then I decided to allow myself to ignore it – and here we are.

What is your “Soooo ....[Fill in your name]” Moment?

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Us Humans: Interesting animals.
Life: An adventure.

kristin reinbach

Not an awful lot of instagramable stuff to be expected here. Instead some good, bad and the ugly as well as the quirky of real life (woman) entrepreneurship. Plus maybe a shared glass of decent wine should we meet.